Wednesday, September 11, 2019

The Morgan's Movements 2019 {Week 36}

Last Tuesday morning, we made story time happen. It was PACKED but we had a good time. We played outside some with our new friends, too. It was a great morning. 

Daddy snuggles. 

And Momma snuggles, too! 

Pure sweetness. 

A new reading nook...

When brother does homeschool PE, we hang out. 


Friday afternoon we headed to the library to hear about beekeeping. We didn't last the whole time as it was way more lecture than I expected but overall, it was a good time. 


Saturday morning watching College Game Day. Pretty sure he used to dream about these moments. ❤️

For lunch, we headed to airport park. Story: back at Maddox's birthday, we had to cancel his party because of sickness. I had planned to reschedule. However, he said he didn't want to. He just asked to go to the park with us and have a picnic. So we did. We packed food including lunchables for them because they always ask for them and some chocolate covered donuts. It was a fun fun time together! 

He was so serious while we were singing. It was cracking the rest of us up! 



While playing, we got to see a bi-plane land, gas up, and take back off. They were glued! 

Saturday night, we got some snuggles with this big guy. He switched his one-on-one night with us to Saturday so he could catch some of the LSU football game. ❤️

Someone was tired after a long Sunday...

A silly boy...trendsetting with those high socks. 

LEGO block party! 🎉


Best seat in the house? 😂

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