Thursday, July 19, 2012

Grandmom's Garden

A couple of weeks ago we were at Grandmom and Granddad's for the evening.  Matt got some pictures of their garden as well as some fun pictures of us. 

 Grapes on the vine
 Grandmom's growing watermelon
 Grapes again
 Peppers (from the neighbors garden)
Apples on the neighbor's tree 
 Pretty purple flowers
 Ripening tomatoes (we have eaten A LOT of these this summer...YUM)

 A neglected birdhouse that was STUFFED full of feathers, plastic, weeds etc. It was so crazy. 
 I begged them to clean it out. Can you see how full it is? 
 Pretty feather
 The result
 I told Matt this tomato looked like a butt and he said "Yeah, I already took a picture of it because I thought that too" HAHA
Silly girl I am. Grandmom made this wreath
 My "greek god". All he is missing is a toga ;-)
 Pretty butterfly
 A bee doing what he does best
And the finale of the night...their neighbor who is Cambodian, brought over homemade spring rolls. LEGIT! 

We love our time with Grandmom and Granddad!

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

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