Thursday, July 19, 2012

Date Day

This past Saturday, July 14th, Matt and I had a day date. It was so nice because we have been SO busy lately and Matt has been working many evening shifts. We decided to document the whole day via pictures, just for fun. Here you go!

First we stopped at the Farmer's Market to get veggies for the week. It was Tractor week so of course we took pictures! 

 We were headed to breakfast and Matt grabbed this picture of one of the walls of a downtown building

 Our favorite breakfast spot, Papa's Breakfast Nook. It is so yummy!

 Patiently waiting for breakfast.

Yummy SWEET tea and coffee. 

The "decor" is special. :)

Matt was trying hard to decide what to get for breakfast.

Our decision? The Trashcan Omelet with Homefries. It is incredible. Mix of cheese, veggies and breakfast meats. YUM.

They are known for the "Spartanburger" which neither of us have had.

Next stop...the library. We had to return some items and "read".

Silly guy...

Then it was time for Lunar Golf. Our mall recently opened a Lunar/Black light putt-putt place. Living social had a

Last but not least, the newest Tyler Perry movie. It was funny but not as funny as his previous movies. The popcorn and Sprite were good too!

The Love Birds!

We love dates together. I'll keep him forever!

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans? 

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  1. Yum, Papa's. Great food. Bad for my diet, but so delicious :)