Saturday, July 14, 2012

Random Happenings

Matt and I had a date day today and we took TONS of pictures so those will be coming soon along with fun details about the day. We had a blast and really just love spending time together.

Thought I'd just do a random post about all of the happenings with us right now. Feel free not to read. :)

-Mom is coming to visit us on August 15th and we are very excited! She will be here for a full week and we have plans for lots of cooking and down time but we are also going to tour the Biltmore and visit Gatlinburg for a day. It should be fun to have Mom in our state!

-In two weeks, we are going to Nashville to visit Matt's sister and her family. We are excited because this will really be the first time that we have visited them that wasn't for a specific purpose (i.e. birthday party, major holiday etc). We are just looking forward to time with them without any pressures. Hoping it's good "visit time".

-We are loving this summer. Granted, it is hot as FIRE! literally but aside from that it has just been a good summer. Matt and I have been continuing with our 5k training and we have also been staying cool inside (contradictory, I know). The best part of the summer, though? Fresh VEGGIES! We have had so many meals that consisted of just vegetables, including lots of tomato sandwiches! Our farmer's market here is awesome as is the garden that Matt's grandparents have and they have generously shared with us!

-Matt and I have been in Spartanburg for just shy of 8 months. That really doesn't seem possible! We had a pretty long adjustment period just because of jobs, schedules and literally being in a completely new and foreign environment. We have loved it but within the last 6-8 weeks have realized that we are just ready to form some more serious relationships with our peers. We have visited a couple of small groups at our church. They are great groups BUT we just haven't found our niche. Some of the people are married with children and older than us. Great people but not our peers, exactly. Some are our age but with children and just a little more "tied down". Great people but not us. A few weeks ago we spoke with the small groups pastor at our church and are moving toward making more connections. We are VERY hopeful and not at all discouraged, just ready for more friends!

-Ever have a time in your life where you really feel like you are supposed to go in one direction and then God shows you something and you head a different way? Yeah, that's happened to us recently. Best part? It's so much better than our plan! DUH!

-We are so blessed. Don't really know how else to say that so it doesn't sound flippant. We are just plain blessed!

Looking forward to sharing our fun date day with you!

Til then-
Did YOU Hear about the Morgans?

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