Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Alabama Trip + Snow/Ice: January 2014

Monday, January 27th, we left LA and headed to Montgomery to spend a couple of days with Matt's parents. Before we met up with them, we went back my Great aunts' apartment so that Mason could meet his Great-Great Aunts Freda and Faye. It was such a sweet sweet time! 

Mason and his Great-Great Aunt Faye

and Mason with his Great-Great Aunt Freda

They loved on him and they spoiled us. They had a spread of snacks including fruit, crackers and cheese, guacamole etc and some yummy green tea! 

Mason was a fan of their comfy couch

Aunt Faye just talked and talked to the little guy; it was such a special time

Aunt Faye, me, Mason and Aunt Freda (isn't their apartment beautiful!?!)

Add in William. William is Aunt Faye's grandson and my cousin; it was so nice to see him! 

We left the aunts' apartment and headed to Red Robin to have dinner with Matt's parents. It was sooo yummy. Then we headed to their house to sleep! The next morning we were expecting snow. It started out with sleet which immediately turned to ice. Thankfully, we did not have to be anywhere. 

Matt's dad made a yummy cheesecake. We had grilled cheese and soup for lunch and then roasted chicken and veggies for dinner. 

Matt took some pictures of Mason in Grammy's hats (you saw those in a previous post) and we just spent the day chilling out! 

Mason tried on some clothes that were once Matt's. HOW SWEET!?!

Mason got tickled by his PopPop

and then, we took him out for a little snow!! 

I had enough snow so I opted for Cheesecake! :))))

Wednesday was originally the day planned to head back home but roads between Montgomery and Spartanburg were horrible so we stayed put. We were all a little stir crazy, I think! 

Nap time with PopPop

Snuggles with Grammy

Y'all, these guys! My favorites! 

Wednesday night was our last night as we had decided to head back to Spartanburg Thursday morning. We played games and Mason was asleep. Matt tried to move and couldn't Mason was holding on! 

We had a good trip but we were glad to be home! 

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  1. Love all the pics but especially love the ones of mason with your great aunts! Babies and old people are such a cute combination!