Monday, February 10, 2014

Louisiana Trip: January 2014

Before Mason was born my friend, Brittany, offered to host a shower for us after he arrived. We made a trip in January to Louisiana (and then Alabama) for the shower and a visit. Here's the recap! 

Mom often asked how Mason was doing on the trip down. These are the pictures I sent her. Alabama, Mississippi and Louisiana. 

Although he mostly slept, he did have a few rough moments! 

We arrived in Louisiana on Friday about 1pm. It turns out that this day was a day Amite decided to have snow. I mean, snow RARELY happens in Louisiana and just happened on the day we arrived. It was mostly ice when we got there. YUCK. We arrived at my Mom's office and then we ate lunch from Master Chef before heading back to Mom's house. 
Mason got to meet my stepdad, his Rarry, for the first time. We were so glad they got to meet before Rarry went to work. 
That night, we ate Shrimp and Corn Chowder from a local restaurant. YUM!! 

Saturday morning we got up and dressed for the Sip & See (separate post on Sip & See). 
After the Sip & See, Mason was clearly worn out! 

Mom, Matt, Mason and I met my Dad at Raising Cane's for a quick lunch. It was so yummy. Wish we had one closer to us! 

After lunch, we went to pick up a King Cake (yum) and purchased Mason's first pair of blue jeans (!!!) and then headed to my Uncle Jay's house.  It was their first time to meet as well. 

Mason wouldn't smile for the picture so Uncle Jay opted for the "serious" face instead! 

Mason is GiGi's favorite! 

Rarry decided he needed some snuggles from Mason before he had to leave to go out of town for work. We decided Rarry was the baby whisperer because it wasn't but a few minutes later and MMM was sound asleep! 

The next morning, we went to the cemetery because I wanted Mason to "meet" my grandparents. 

Mom, Mason and Me with Granny and Doc

Us with Aunt MiMi

Then we headed to my Dad's house where Mason got to meet Aunt Celie. Aunt Celie spoiled Mason with lots of snuggles and even some new clothes! 

We went back to town to meet Alex. Alex is my first cousin (Uncle Jay's son). We decided Mason would call him "Uncle Alex"

Once we got back to PawPaw and MiMi's house, Mason needed a little tummy time. He was obviously a fan! 

PawPaw and MiMi recently built an outdoor pergola area with a tv, firepit and grill. We sat outside that evening and it was SOOO nice! And it was MiMi's birthday! 

Snuggles with Dad; sitting like a big boy!

For MiMi's birthday, PawPaw grilled ribeyes and they were soooo good! While we ate, PawPaw and Mason had some quality time! 

After dinner, we had cake. Mason decorate for MiMi

Monday morning, we got up and spent a few hours with Dad and Susan and then we got on the road to Montgomery. 

And before we got out of Louisiana, more of this occurred...

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