Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Mason: Week 13 {Photos}

Day 85: Sleeping in the car seat; AL, MS, LA :)

Day 86: We got to eat Raising Cane's chicken with GiGi and PawPaw :)

Day 87: Tummy Time at PawPaw and MiMi's 

Day 88: A little car seat free time while on our road trip; just before the big blowout which resulted in his outfit getting thrown away! (I wouldn't have tossed it if I could have washed it immediately but we were 8+hours away from being able to do that so I had to :( ) 

Day 88: MiMi and Mason

Day 89: Wearing Daddy's old hoodie! 

Day 90: Snuggles with Momma on a snow/ice day

Day 91: Happy guy who was ready to be home! 

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