Saturday, February 1, 2014

Cardstore {Valentine's Day Card Review}

I was recently contacted by Ivy with Cardstore about partnering with them once again. I loved the card I made and received the last time we partnered together so I was definitely on board this time.

This time, Cardstore wanted me to try out some of their School Valentine's Day Cards. Now, I know that Mason is only 3 months old but we do participate in several activities where he would be able to give some of his new friends some Valentine's Cards (Mom's Bible Study, MOPS and church nursery)  so I thought it was a great idea.

You can see here that Cardstore has some great options for cards. Their options can be could for several ages as well as for both genders.

Here are a few of my favorites:

We ended up choosing this card: 

I added Mason's pictures to the card to personalize them. I think they turned out perfectly!! 

Each card has four separate Valentine's on them. They are easy to cut and they come of a great quality card stock. 

Here is each individual card:

And the back:

Hurry and order yours now. There is still time to get them before Valentine's Day. I ordered these on Wednesday night and they arrived in our mail today. Please let me know if you have any questions!!!

Check any special codes they may have on their website to get an extra deal! 

Cardstore was gracious to give me these cards in exchange for this review.  All written opinions are completely my own, as always. 

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