Tuesday, February 25, 2014

What Motherhood has Taught Me {So Far}

Before I even begin this post, let me give a disclaimer. I realize that I have only been a Mom for a little over 100 days but I have learned so much already. These are just a few of those things...

Enjoy Every Moment:
If there is anything I've learned it that's we should enjoy every single moment we are given. Obviously, that's true even without children but it's especially become real since we welcomed Mason into our lives. Just in the short 120-ish days of life, he has grown and changed so much. He has gone from a 7 pound, 10 ounce mini to a 16+ pound Chunka Munka with TONS of personality! Enjoy every

Boys Can Eat (Well, At least mine can):
Y'all, this kid of ours can EAT! I'm amazed at how he's grown in his eating habits. He went from eating just 15 mL (approximately 1/2 ounce) each feeding to eating 7-8 ounces 5 times a day! Pretty soon, he will start eating rice cereal and then real food. He is noisy little eater, too! haha! I can only imagine the high school years!

People Will Say Anything:
Oh my word! Since Mason was born and Matt and/or I would go out with him, people notice. This part doesn't surprise me because he's a baby and a darn cute one at that. However, I have been surprised by the things people will say. Strangers ask to hold Mason, touch him, etc. They ask if he is a girl because he is wearing red. What?! They ask about his delivery. And then they share, well, they overshare! Ha! I've been overwhelmed with the number of strangers who will say anything about their child experiences. Definitely makes me shake my head and laugh.

I Will Do ANYTHING to Protect My Child:
Boy, you don't realize how much you would do to protect another person until you have a child. Well, for our family, I feel like this goes for me especially. Matt has said that his protective nature became especially heightened when we were married and he wanted to protect me. But for me, it developed when Mason was born. I want to protect him from sickness, from harm, and from any/all bad things. He's my baby boy!

Life Will Never Be The Same:
Matt and I have talked about how crazy it is that life has already changed so much in just 4 short months. Matt and I can hardly remember life before Mason. Isn't that just the craziest thing and something you can't explain or really even fully believe until you have a child (at least in my opinion). Because Matt and I protect our time together, we are still able to steal time away to be "just us" even if it is at home after MMM goes to bed. However, we just love talking about him even when we are together. I like to say that he is the extra joy of our lives. And he truly is.

I obviously have so much to learn about motherhood and I know I will learn every day. These are just a few of the important lessons I've learned so far.

If you're a Mom, what have you learned.

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