Wednesday, March 4, 2015

LA Trip {February 2015} {Day 4&5}

Day 4 of our trip started with Matt sending this picture to Mason letting him know he missed him! 

Mason then sent Matt a video that said "lu you Da" and this happened. The relationship my guys has is incredible! 

Mason helped GiGi with a little cleaning and we laid low the rest of the day. In the afternoon, we ventured out to say hi to Dustin and then for an early supper at Mike's. Mason was charming EVERYONE there! 

Meanwhile, Matt was being spoiled by Grandmom and Granddad. 

We headed to Brittany's for a visit and she was running a little behind after work so Mason enjoyed playing while we waiting for her. 

And then, I'm certain Mason touched every inch of Brittany's parent's house!! 

We made a quick stop by my Uncle Jay's so Mason could see he and Donna Fay for a bit. 

Day 5 was all about playtime to start. Mason attempted to discover everything he could climb on while were were there. Exhibit A: An end table! 

Exhibit B: A chair in GiGi's Room

Mason and I both took naps! 

Then, we headed out to see Mrs. Pam! 
We enjoyed our visit with her so much and Mr. Mark got home just as we were leaving so we got to see him as well. 

Mason picked a flower for me but kept saying "Daizee" (Mom's dog) when Mom asked him to give it to me! HA!

We ended the day by Mom taking me out for ice cream at Sonic!! 

Next stop: MiMi and PawPaw's!

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