Thursday, March 19, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {March Miscellaneous Part 1}

My guys love morning snuggles!

Matt took Mason on a date to Krispy Kreme. Mason was obviously a big fan! 

I wasn't feeling well one day (just the change of seasons junk) and Matt took Mason out for a bit. They saw all of the fish at Wal-Mart! 

Mason also helped me finish reading a book for review. 

I ran into BabiesRUs to look at a few car seats to attempt to decide what to get for Mason and Mason was tired of sitting up in the cart so he got in the big area. Lounging! 

Night Night

Attempting to putting on his diaper! 

We also made a few visits to one of our favorite parks

And the weather was finally warm enough to be outside! 

My MOPS group had breakfast out and I enjoyed a yummy meal! Ham, egg and cheese croissant and home fries. YUM!

I took this picture because he is so big!! 

Love that sweet boy! 

He's a bit goofy too! 

And, he loves to read. ;)

And he loves ice cream...we went to Chick-Fil-A for storytime and they had a craft with ice cream. Right up MMM's alley! 

He also had his first trip to a play place and he loved it. Climbed right up without help and played for 20 minutes! 

Mason tried out his boots. 

I took my sweet boy on a lunch date to Bojangles! 

Mason did a little "serious" reading. 

And car watching...

And construction work...

And a little table climbing...(!!!)

One day, Mason was making me crazy. He was everywhere and into everything which is typical and totally fine but I was trying to get a lot done on this particular day. I knew I had no reason to be frustrated so I stuck a sock in the back of his pajamas and just made myself laugh each time I saw it! 

Mason also helped out with a little toilet plunging!!

And did a little more reading...

And car watching...

We also grabbed this comparison picture!!! 

Matt's boss put this sign in their outdoor garden area. I think it's so funny! 

Mason and I had a dinner date one night when Matt worked late. 

I know a lot of our days look the same but they are all so special to me! 

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