Thursday, March 5, 2015

LA Trip {February 2015} {Day 6}

Day 6 of our trip brought some warmer temperatures which mean that Mason could wear his first pair of shorts as a toddler. And I almost couldn't handle the cuteness!!!

We got up and headed out early to see MiMi, PawPaw and Aunt Brandy. We made a stop at Cooper's Donuts for Ham & Cheese croissant for me and a twist and donut man for later for Mason and myself. 

Mason thought the trip was just a little too long so he caught a little snooze before we got there. 

When we got there, Mason enjoyed visiting and playing with PawPaw and Aunt Brandy as well as PawPaw's pups, Spike and Patches. He got a little time with MiMi too before she had to leave. 

Mason napped and I snacked on this GIGANTIC glazed twist. AH!

After nap, PawPaw took Mason to get his first pair of rubber boots! 

Bonus: They light up. ;)

Aunt Celie and Aunt Gritzie came by for a visit later on, too. They spoiled Mason with a new outfit

Then, Mason got to eat a bit of his donut man. He was so excited! He ate the head first. :)

MiMi said Mason could take a bath in their big tub and he was PUMPED!

He was all clean and ready for a little visit time before bed. He got extra friendly with the pups and even pet them. :)

After he was asleep, PawPaw cooked steaks, MiMi cooked asparagus and I cooked sweet potatoes and we pigged out! 

It was a GOOD day! Next stop: Global Wildlife! 

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