Tuesday, March 3, 2015

LA Trip {February 2015} {Days 2&3}

Day 2 of our trip started earlier than normal when Mason woke up before the sun. I usually just let him talk and chill in his crib but we were in the same room so he saw me. I picked him up and snuggled him for a while. It's hard to tell in the pictures but he was sound asleep. Love moments with my best boy. 

When Matt woke up, he sent pictures of the ice/snow on the ground in Spartanburg. 

Mason and I continued our trip to Louisiana. He was tired and eventually fell asleep for a morning snooze. When he gets super quiet, I stick my phone in the back seat to spy on him. :)

We made a lunch stop at Dairy Queen and it was so yummy! 

Y'all...the little hand? I love it! 


Mason got right down to business locating every toy at GiGi's house! 

And he charmed GiGi and her dog, Daizee pretty quickly! 

Day 3 started with a trip to Hammond to see my Dad for a quick minute. 

I also discovered Mason was getting his 11th tooth. AH! 

We met Dad at a local coffee shop. Mason was Mr. Explorer, as usual. 

Mom and I got a frozen hot chocolate...YUM!

And a cake ball....oh my word! 

It was cold but we took a little walk down to the park and Mason didn't let go of Dad's hand the whole way. 

Next, Mom took us to the Children's discovery center. It was fun but short-lived. Mason was hard to keep up with, too. We enjoyed what we could before we left. 

Then, it was off to Raising Cane's YUM!!! Mason loves ketchup and loves to dip his fingers in it. We were still waiting for the food so I was trying to be a little neater...haha! 

On the way home, it was close to nap time and I was trying hard to keep Mason awake. It worked well until the last minute of the trip when this happened! 

More snuggles with GiGi happened and Mason walked over to her with the nutrigrain bars to talk her into giving him one! 

We enjoyed our days. More to come! 

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  1. I love his little personality and how many expressions he has! You have one happy little boy on your hands!!!