Saturday, March 7, 2015

LA Trip {February 2015} {Day 8&9}

We spent our last few hours with PawPaw and MiMi. And said goodbye to the pups before heading back to GiGi's house. 

GiGi had found this old red chair for Mason and he was loving it. It came home with us and Matt and I hope to sand and re-paint it soon. 

"Oh Yeah! I forgot about this table!" -Mason

GiGi picked up some Blue Bell Mardi Gras King Cake Ice Cream for me and I was so excited. I had wanted to try it but you can't get that stuff in SC. It was delicious! 

Jerry/Rarry filled my coolant up since apparently it was low. Glad he took care of that for me! 

Mason played with all of the "toys" he could find! 

And enjoyed some clothes-less video-watching with his GiGi! 

One last night night at GiGi's house! 

Tuesday morning, we got up and packed the car and got ready to leave. 

We made a stop to visit Aunt Ann, Uncle Bill and cousin Kay. We loved our visit so much! 

Our last stop was to Golden Corral. It was so yummy! 

We got on the road and about an hour in, I decided to just drive straight through. The original plan was to stop in Birmingham for the night but the weather forecast kept changing and I didn't want to get stuck. We kept driving and made it home about 10:30p.m. It was a good choice! 

Mason took a good nap. 

We stopped for Popeyes in Tuscaloosa. 

Mason got into his PJs and got his buds. He fell asleep and I drove on! 

It was a good trip! We won't go back until July so we made the most of it! 

Until next time, Louisiana! 

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