Wednesday, July 22, 2015

Mason's 2nd Dental Appointment

Mason had his second dental appointment on July 16th and he did awesome. 
See here...he was READY!! 

He and GiGi needed a sunglasses moment before we left. :)

Mason has the coolest dentist and office. It has a beach theme and it's so bright and cheerful.

The dental hygienest came to get him, picked him up and took him to the back and he didn't make one peep to fuss. He did get a little unsure when the cleaning began but he allowed brushing, flossing and some scraping with only minimal fussing! He rocks!

And yes, he wore the sunglasses the whole time. 

The dentist also said that we would be wise to save money for braces one day because Mason's baby teeth are super close together (which didn't happen until his most recent ones came in). She said when that is the case, it is usually a pretty good indicator that tight adult teeth will follow. But all of that said, he has beautiful teeth and he is becoming more and more comfortable with the dentist! YAY! Mason :)

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