Wednesday, July 1, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Late June 2015}

The last of this month has been pretty low key for us as we've just tried to stay cool. I know I've said it already but it is so hot! And honestly, the worst part is not the temperature as much as it is the fact that there is not breeze!!! 

I worked 4 days right at the end of the month and Mason and Matt had such a fun time! 
My sweet boy reading on the back steps before getting into the car. 

Matt took Mason into childcare at the Y for the first time and he was spying on him. Although you can't tell it here, Mason is in that room. :)


Mason was helping Matt with the laundry...

And Matt found a little surprise in there! His shoes :)

Snuggles before nap.

They went to the $1 Summer Movie one morning. Mason headed straight to the cars that he and Matt played on last time.

Obviously, the movie wore him out!

Playing at the train station. Matt said he tilted his tent over, loaded the train and drove it in and then unloaded it inside the tent. 

Giving Daddy kisses

That same day, we had Grandmom and Grandad over for dinner and Mason asked everyone to be a superhero by passing out the pillowcase capes.

I know this is blurry but I can't not share this. Reading with Granddad.

And Granddad was trooper and got into the tent with Mason. He's awesome!

A little morning breakdancing! 

And a little playtime at the park. Mason was looking for his friends!

And guys, I do NOT let Mason put his feet on the table but he is still learning this fact and it's a constant work in progress. This day, he thought it was so funny and wouldn't stop so I said "hey, I'm going to take a picture" So I did and then I moved him!

Bored? We just put clothes on our head! 

We went to Tyger River Park with MOMS Club and apparently that wore Mason out! I could not wake him up from nap that afternoon!

When nap is over, we have snack on Dad's side of the bed so the crumbs stay on his side!! HAHA!


I had been wanting biscuits but it has been so hot that I had not wanted to turn on the oven. This past Saturday, I said to heck with it and made them anyway!

Pantless train conductor.

Matt and I were feeling pretty snazzy for church and wanted to take a picture BUT the lights were too bright. So this is what we got. :)

Lights aren't too bright for this kid though!


Sure, Mason! Eat your beans like that. HAHA!
Funny story, he dropped some on the ground and when I went to pick them up and throw them away, he said, crying, "My beans, my beans!!" He was very sad they were all gone. 

Little diaper booty napping :)

These snuggles? THE. BEST!

Sandbox fun!

Smooches for Dad!

See? SO BIG!!! 

We started the week of the 4th with Patriotic oatmeal. Mason was excited about it! 

"Mom, Is this what I do with the potty seat?" 

Riding the train! 

Mowing with Daddy.

water play! 

Lounging at home on the last day of the month. We were home-bound while our car AC was being repaired. We were totally cool with it until our plans to play outside in the pool got squashed by a thunderstorm warning/cloudy skies. Mason enjoyed the snacks and TV to make up for it. :)

Matt and Mason were outside playing once Matt got home and the rain was gone. I couldn't get the camera to focus because of the screen but I couldn't pass up the pictures. 


  1. You are such a good momma! Love seeing all your pictures and all the FUN you have together. Love you guys!!!

    1. Thank you! it helps that I co-parent with the most amazing guy on the planet! :-)