Tuesday, April 26, 2016

Mason Says...

Lately, Mason has been saying some things that just crack us up!!

Mason typically asks "Where's Dad?" off and on throughout the day. I will typically take the question and turn it back to him. 
Here's our recent exchange:
"Mason, where does Dad go when he leaves home?"
"Where else does Dad go?" (fully expecting his response to be church as it usually is)
Mason thinks for a second, holds his nose "Dad poo."
 *we were so shocked and we just cracked up!!*

When we talk about the baby, we typically just talk about when he/she will get here, where baby will sleep, etc. The other day I asked Mason if he thought the baby might be a boy or a girl. 
He responded with "boy" and then I asked him what about it possibly be a girl. He looked up, pouted his lip and fake cried! haha!!! He was cracking us up!
I quickly told him that baby may be a girl so he better get ready! :)

We were in the car recently and a song was playing that said something about a goat. I asked Mason if he knew what a goat liked to eat. He said he didn't and I told him "Paper.". 
He said "paper" and then thought for a minute and then said "No, ma! Fish Crackers...oooh, oooh, oooh!" 
**This is a reference to Curious George and had me cracking up!!**

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  1. LOL!!! How adorable is he???? These are great!