Friday, April 1, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Late March 2016}

Man, we had talked so much about lots of fun things that have happened in March. But here are the little odds and ends of the last part of March. 
My guys are the BEST tag alongs for MD appts. 

Mason has learned nearly 75% of his letters and this little game is a huge part of him learning them.

Jenga! aka Build the blocks and knock them all over. :)

After nap fun. :)


We had music group for MOMS Club. This was only our second time to meet but Mason surely remembered some of the songs. That was fun!

"Mason, make your silly face" "No, baby." Kinda does look like he's got a baby in there! :)

After nap back's become a thing and I love it. :)

A pool inside has been the best for this kiddo. :)

See what I mean? He put a pillow in it for his show. :)

This day, I asked Mason to stop on the steps for a picture and he wouldn't. I started to become frustrated and he got close to me, turned to the camera and said "Cheese". Sweet boy, he wanted a picture with Momma. :)

One evening, we got home and Mason saw our neighbor washing his truck. He was so excited so we sat outside for a while watching him. It was such a sweet moment.


More pool time. :)

We love puzzles!

Since we had a low key Easter, we headed to Grandmom and Granddad's for dinner on Monday night. We even got to take a nice walk outside. Mason didn't let go of Grandmom's hand the whole time.

They even got a few minutes of reading in and Mason was happy. :)

It was also "Eat Something on a Stick Day" so we had ice cream bars! YUM!!!

Granddad cleared off a day's worth of pollen and got a little swing in as well. It didn't last long...haha!

Tuesday afternoon after nap, Mason snuggled up tight for a good on back and belly rub!

Then he sat right in my lap for some book time. :)

I was leaving for work later that evening and Matt sent me this picture. Mason was saying "Hi, Mom! Bye, Mom!"

Silly kids.

Must be something with the tongue these days because it showed up again at the park the next day. ha.

Since it was Wednesday, we headed to our dinner date. We chose Mexican and Mason asked for the "memon". I knew funny faces were coming so I was prepped. BAHAHAH!

Mason also decided that dipping chips in salsa is overrated so he drank it....#boys

Thursday was the last day of the month and I was dealing with horrible reflux so we were super low key.
Matt had an event at work and he brought Mason home these safety glasses. Snack time seemed like the perfectly dangerous time to wear them :)

I can hardly believe March is over and it's now April. Wow! We have fun planned for April including a grandparent visit mid-month and lots of outside time! 

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  1. Aw, Mason is getting so big! Is he excited about being a big brother?