Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Videos {February & March 2016}

Dancing with Dad before church. :)

Belly Laughing :)

Re-enacting his favorite scene from Cars

Playing at Toys R Us

Loving his new cars :) 

Saying "Beep Beep" as he goes down the back steps 

Drumming Away

Fun in Gym Class

Park fun..."Rolling" down a hill

Shooting Hoops

Mason Saying "Peace"

Belly rub

Pulling Dad in the Wagon

Getting chased by Lightening McQueen down the driveway...per his request. :)

Couch Jumping

Drumming in Music Group

Our neighbor was washing his truck and Mason was interested to the max. The neighbor walked over and asked if it was okay for Mason to help. I said "of course"! Mason LOVED IT!

One last video; "Save Poop For Dad"

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