Friday, April 22, 2016

PopPop & Mammy Visit! {The Zoo}

As I mentioned in my last post, Matt's parents visited for the weekend this past weekend. We got to go to the zoo and strawberry picking. I'm planning to document those events in separate posts and then document the miscellaneous in another post. Saturday was the PERFECT day for the zoo!

I'm sharing some of my pictures but most of these are Mrs. Claire's pictures. Matt also got some pictures with his camera but he's nonstop with work and such right now so I'll have to share those pictures another time.

Like I said, Saturday ended up being the perfect zoo day. It was cool but not cold. The sun was shining and nearly all of the animals were up and about! 

All the guys assisted Mason in depositing his tokens to support the zoo animals! :)

1st Stop: Rheas and a Giant Anteater. Mason is accustomed to the zoo with Matt and myself but he was so happy to have others join us! Grandmom, Granddad, PopPop, and Mammy (Mason's version of Grammy) enjoyed the day, too.


We made our next stop at some of the monkey cages but since it's right at the front of the zoo, it was crowded so we moved past them quickly!

Silly Monkey...

Reptile house is always a favorite! All of the snakes, lizards, etc were up and moving. It was the best we had seen.

Sweet Love!


The baby giraffe was out!!!!!!

The lions were asleep as usual but the tortoises were awake! YAY!!

Man on a mission!

More sweet love. :)
We got to see lots of other awesome animals. Good times!

Granddad is the COOLEST!!

Mammy bought Mason some food to feed the goats. He was completely unsure about it but eventually the goats got the food. ;-)


After our zoo fun, we had a quick and simple picnic outside. :)

This the best group picture we could do and I love it! :)

I am so glad that we decided to head to the zoo! It was definitely a great time!! 

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