Sunday, April 24, 2016

PopPop & Mammy Visit {Misc.}

Here are some more random pictures from Matt's parent's visit. Some from my camera and some from Mrs. Claire's. There are some more pictures that Mrs. Claire got from a fun walk they took. Maybe I'll get them upload one day. ;-)

Mason WORE Mr. Rob OUT! There was book reading, wrestling, tickling and on and on and on.

Mr. Rob and Mrs. Claire brought Mason some new fun toys for his sandbox. The dump truck was obviously his fave...duh!


Matt grilled some incredible hamburgers. He's the MAN at the grill!

Outside is FUN but outside with PopPop, well, that's AWESOME!

And well, outside fun when everyone is watching you play...that's pretty cool, too!

After strawberry picking, Matt and Mason played soccer. And well, Mason did some relaxing as well. haha!

 Sunday morning's breakfast was English muffins and strawberries and well, Mason ate lots of strawberries and not so much muffin....

Mas was in a teasing mood and he was stealing shoes, hiding them, hiding himself and jumping out to get people! :)

More wrestling with PopPop. Pretty sure PopPop was tired when he left our house Sunday afternoon!

Not the best picture but Mason did get some good snuggles with Mammy AND PopPop. Mammy read him lots of books and she gave him a CUTE turtle that she crocheted!

Matt's Dad left on Sunday afternoon and aside from the walk I mentioned earlier, Sunday was low key. I started to feel crummy so Matt and his Mom took over with Mason. Monday morning, Matt and Mason took Mrs. Claire to breakfast for early Mother's Day.
Mason showed her how we hold hands and pray. Sweet boy!

After that, Matt brought him Mom to stay with her parents for the week. We have seen them off and on during the week for meals and park fun, too! Today, we are heading to Atlanta to meet up with Matt's Dad. We've enjoyed her visit and I may have a few more pictures later to share. :)

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