Monday, April 25, 2016

Open Letters {23}

Dear Green Acres Strawberry Farm,

Thank you for letting us pick strawberries from your pretty little fields! We certainly indulged in those strawberry slushes, too. YUM!!

The Strawberry-lovin' Morgans

Dear Happy Hollow Park, 

Thank you for existing! Your perfectly shaded playground is our favorite! As a side note, it's also incredible to watch Mason as he can now do nearly everything there when he was once only able to crawl on the ground and eat mulch. :)

A Happy Momma

Dear Baby MMM2, 

You are going to be here SOON!! I can hardly believe how close we are now! I can't wait to snuggle your newborn-ness and I know you'll be worth lots of low-sleep nights!
See you soon!

Your Momma

Dear Mason, 

You are going to be 2 1/2 this weekend!!! AH!!! I cannot believe it! Hopefully we can celebrate with a fun meal and maybe even cake. Love you Dude!


Your Momma

Dear Greenville Zoo, 

Thank you for FINALLY having Tatu, the baby giraffe, out when we were visiting! I was one happy lady and Mason loved seeing the baby, too!

People who have been waiting (im)patiently to see him

Dear Matt, 

You are my hero! Those late night back rubs after a long day? Well, they have made me VERY happy!!

Your Wife

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