Thursday, April 14, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early April 2016}

April, April, April! How time is flying! 
We started off the month by spending the morning with our friends, The Sheltons.

I also got this e-mail from Panera and I was PUMPED!!! I have enjoyed a few, Matt got one, Mason and I had a Panera date one morning and we've gotten the others to freeze for later. What a fun reward!

Matt sent me this picture of Mason in the hall, in his PJs, in his chair and just relaxing while Matt got ready for the day. He's such a cutie pie.

We also got some curtains for our bedroom. How exciting! We had never really cared about it but since we are going to have the baby in our room for a while, we wanted some blackout curtains to keep the room dark for daytime sleeping for all. I love how they look. Of course, I'll iron them soon. :)

I headed to work one morning and Matt and Mason were going to do some fun things. This picture points out that Matt has the wrong keys because I took the ones he needed. Oops!!

Thankfully, they survived and I was home shortly after. Matt got a haircut and later on while I was working on dinner, he took Mason to get a haircut, too. What a way to start the month!

We are hoping for a crazy successful garden this year. Matt and Mason spent some time one afternoon putting in some effort to add some compost. Mason was pumped to "help"! :)

Matt and Mason ran an errand to pick up something at Home Depot and Mason had to check out the mowers. He's trying to follow in PawPaw's footsteps.

They followed up their manly errand with another fun stop! Lunch at CiCi's. Matt had a free buffet from his birthday and Mason still eats free so that was a GOOD choice! :)

Bright and early Monday morning, we got to have our best bud over! Anna was having a moment missing her Momma so Mason showed her his favorite show to help her. It worked!

Park play came next. It was the perfect day for it!

We got to have a picnic, too!

Once we got home, we enjoyed more outside time because the weather was GORGEOUS!!!

That Monday started a weird week for us. Matt had to work 4:30pm to 1:00am so our schedule was just a bit wonky all week. Monday before Matt left, we got to have some puzzle time. A friend gifted us this awesome "I Spy" puzzle and we had fun finding all of hidden objects.

April also brought more inside pool fun. This time the guys hid under it!

Matt left and we were SAD! He left at the time he's normally getting home so we tried to figure out what to do. haha! 
Mason found the blanket Matt would sleep that night and stole some time with it!

We survived our first late evening!! ;-) Barely....just kidding. It wasn't bad, just different than the norm.

Tuesday morning, we dropped our car off to have something checked on it. I went to work and Matt and Mason got treated to a McDonald's trip by Granddad! This picture is my absolute favorite right now. I just LOVE it!

We got a BzzAgent shipment later that day and I was glad to see it! More to come about these gems!

Tuesday afternoon, Kir and Anna came over and after some playtime, we got to have dinner with them at Moe's. Yay for kids eating free!!!

Wednesday morning was SUPER low key as we tried to be super quiet so Matt could get some sleep. Mason occupied himself with reading books in his room while sitting in his car seat. Life is weird...and fun!

Oh, and then he swam inside...haha!!!

That evening I had to work and Mason and Matt ran over to our neighbor's house and she gave Mason a WHOLE bag of jellybeans. Oh my word, she spoils him rotten. :)

We've been working on Mason being able to take off and put on his clothes and shoes. Hes nearly got the pants off/on without issue. The shirts are a work in progress but on this day, he got his boots on the right feet without a problem! Go, Mason, Go!

That deserved a celebration picnic in the living room. ;-)

Our backyard has no shortage of creatures. Mason found his first (I think) inchworm and he was pretty excited about him!

We've been spending some of our days working on ABCs, counting, shapes, etc. On this day, we spent a bit of time on counting with cheerios. He ate more than he counted but hey, it was fun!

The mornings have been cool here but the afternoons have warmed up pretty well. We've enjoyed as much outside time as possible...including sand table fun! I can't wait to put water in the other side soon.

These flowering plants have looked horrible since we moved in. Matt and I recently had a discussion about pulling them out after a "bloomed" this year. They must have heard us and feared for their lives because they bloomed prettier than every before!

Last week since Matt had a weird schedule, I was doing my PRN work between his naps. One morning I headed out and he and Mason headed to grab a cheap lunch. Mason drank salsa. It was a win! :)

This is Mason pretending to sleep on Matt's side of the bed...pretty believable, I'd say!

I mentioned earlier that I got a free bagel-a-day reward from Panera. Mason and I took advantage of that and had a date Saturday morning!

I needed a few things at Wal-Mart (blah!) so we stopped there and Mason saw the fish. It's our normal routine when we stop there. :)

That afternoon our Hello Fresh Box arrived. One of Matt's cousins had a week of free meals and we took advantage of that! We enjoyed Thai Beef Stir Fry, Chicken Milanese, and Penne Arrabiatta. YUM!

Sunday morning I found these two sneaking snuggles on my side of the bed!! I wasn't mad about it. I just hopped in on the other side and grabbed some more snuggles for myself. :)

My favorite two guys in the WHOLE world!!

After church Sunday, I headed to work. Matt spent his time looking for Mason...haha!

Guess you'll have to come back for the Mid-April post to see if he found him! ;-)

We've got fun coming up over the next week or so. Matt's parents will visit for the weekend and then his Mom will be in town with Grandmom for another week. Should be fun!

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