Wednesday, November 23, 2016

Louisiana Trip! Part 1

Each time Mom visits, we try to couple it with a trip to Louisiana to visit family and friends there. Typically, she comes in mid-late November but since she came to Nashville to help us out when Matt's brother got married, she was here a little earlier than usual. 

That was fun because she got to be here for Mason's birthday but not super close to the holidays. That also put us bringing her back to Louisiana in early November and getting our visit in before Thanksgiving. It ended up being great weather. 

We got up Tuesday morning, Election Day, and got everything packed up and headed out. We got our Morgan family snuggles in before we headed out. We wish Daddy could have come with us but someone's gotta work. ;-)

We left right at Maddox's nap time so I covered him up. Mason, of course, requested to be covered as well. Mom and I didn't complain. The car was quiet for over an hour. :)

Checking himself out in his glasses and making faces...

We made a stop in Atlanta at Firehouse Subs. We stretched our legs, had fun and enjoyed lunch!


We ate next door to our favorite donut place, Sublime, so we had to get one. Duh!

Nap time success!

We had planned to stop in Birmingham at a hotel but we had such a great first leg of the trip that we arrived in Birmingham at 2:00p.m. We felt like we could keep going and our hotel didn't have a cancellation fee. We cancelled and headed the rest of the way. It was a long trip but it was good and we got to Louisiana and my Dad's house at 9:00p.m. All of us slept well and woke up happy! Wednesday was a great day of relaxing which started with a FaceTime with Matt. :)

Checking out the Hammond scenery from PawPaw's front window.

PawPaw equals pro-bottle feeder. 

Brother time...

Mason stuck as close to PawPaw as he could!

Sweet little sleeping boy...

After a relaxing day Wednesday, we got up Thursday ready to go! We headed to Baton Rouge to see one of my dearest friends. More blankets equaled more quiet.

We had the best visit with Toni and Joey Grace. We got to visit. The babies were happy. And Mason played with ALL of Joey Grace's brother's toys. :) And these pictures are life...none of us were all paying attention at the same time, ahem, Mason.


Aunt Celie came by and got some snuggles, too!

PawPaw couldn't pass up an Academy $4.99 special. Mason has hardly taken it off since.

Maddox LOVED PawPaw!

While PawPaw worked, GiGi met us in Hammond for lunch with one of her dearest friends. But first, Mason and Maddox snuggles!

We had CiCi's and it was delicious. Mason was NOT happy but we made it through. ha!

Notice: Maddox.

Mason was obviously unfazed by Maddox's shenanigans...

After naps, we headed to meet another dear friend and her family at the park. It was great weather and the kiddos played their hearts out!


Love those two ladies...

We ended Friday with PawPaw getting LOTS of love from his boys...

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