Thursday, November 24, 2016

Louisiana Trip! Part 2

Saturday morning, we woke up bright and early and went to Brittany's to have breakfast. We joked with how times have changed. Both of us were up at the crack of dawn with our babies so why not have breakfast! Britt mad a delicious casserole and some grits and had fruit and juice. The boys and I brought donuts...duh! Mason was making Britt's daughter laugh at the table. It was hilarious! Maddox napped in their crib and that was a plus. Mason was a bit of stinker when it came their toys but we survived and we had a great visit.

Britt's mom came, too. I love seeing her!


Again, Maddox wasn't a fan of pictures. Ha!

The casserole recipe! I cannot wait to make this for Christmas morning!

After we had a fun visit, we headed to PawPaws and went to Academy to get a few things. Naps were taken and then we picked satsumas at Aunt Celie's That evening, Mason donned his new boots and grabbed his flashlights and checked out anything and everything.

Standing, er, sitting guard. :)

Leftover donuts were my dessert that night. YUM!

PawPaw went to get donuts again the next morning and Mason enjoyed a Saints donut!

Aunt Celie came back for more snuggles and Maddox was happy to oblige!

One of my favorite pictures and moments of the whole trip.

Getting a little bit more love.

Almost too long for this bed but he doesn't care!

After Sunday naps, we headed to visit Uncle Jay, DeDe, Alex and Rarry. Mason held brother's hand to make him happy in the car.

Bahaha! Needed a bib....

Alex and Maddox! I wanted him to spit up on him but it didn't happen. ;-)

Uncle Jay and DeDe gave Mason a few belated birthday/early Christmas presents. He was happy as can be!

Mason also got to take a ride on Alex's Maverick.

Then GiGi took a ride. haha!

Love these people.

Alex had to go to work and Mason gave him BIG love before he left.

Tractor fun!

And lawnmower fun!


We got to eat yummy vegetable soup and then we said our good-byes and headed back to PawPaw's. It was our last night in Louisiana and we just hung out. Monday morning brought a few more snuggles and then we headed out!

Y'all, pictures are just a comedy act these days!

Reading while we say Bye to Louisiana!!

We headed from Louisiana to Montgomery to stay with friends on our way back to Spartanburg. We made a stop in Mobile for lunch and it was our favorite!

Another success!

We had not seen the Moody's for 18 months and we were so happy to get some time with them! 
Mason LOVED their backyard!

Sweet S loved Maddox so much.

This made me smile HUGE.

Such a helper!

And, of course, we showed them Snapchat!

All the love...all. the. love.

Little cutie pie...

Our trip from Montgomery to Spartanburg began quiet as well. I know I am incredibly blessed to have some good car riders!

We ended up only making two stops. One to feed Maddox and one to get lunch. We sailed through Atlanta...

The boys napped...

And then we made it home!! It was a great visit and we look forward to the next.

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