Friday, November 4, 2016

Mason {THREE YEARS OLD!} {An Update}

Our sweet boy is THREE!!!! 

Weight: 38 pounds (95%)


Height: 3 feet, 1 inch (60%)


Nicknames: Mase, Mase Mase, Bud, Mason Man, Buddy Bud, Big Brother, Stinker, Stink Pot, Rascal, Rascal roo ka do (I have no idea!)

Eating: Mason is a great eater. He loves fruits the most but he also loves beans and peas. He eats other vegetables but beans are his number one. :)  He is starting to eat more and more meat although it isn't his favorite food group, for sure. He loves sweet, too. He doesn't get access to much of it because he will get a little crazy!!! So, that is definitely limited. Oh, and he LOVES bread!!


Sleeping: Mason is still an excellent sleeper. He sleeps 7p-7a and takes a two hour nap. He JUST started sleeping with a blanket and a pillow in the last two weeks. We had just never given him either and it just happened naturally. One night he woke up cold and we gave him a blanket and it's been there ever since. It's the cutest thing ever.

Diapers: NO MORE DIAPERS!!!!! Mason is potty trained! He's been potty trained for about 6 or 7 weeks and he's done great. Of course, we've had a few accidents here and there but it's been minimal. At night, he is staying dry as well with us getting him up just once at night. We are slowly moving that wake up time closer to 7p with the eventual goal to be him staying dry all night. It's working for us and NO PULL UPS OR DIAPERS!!!

Clothes: Our sweet boy is wearing mostly 4T clothing with some 3T items mixed in. He is wearing a size 8 or 9 shoe. He is not picky about what he wears for the most part. He will get specific every now and then but it's minimal.

Social: Mason LOVES people! He is always wanting to be around other people when we are out and about.
He has a great smile and laugh and does both often.
Mason is going through a bit of a shy stage. He isn't shy once he gets used to someone but he does a bit of hiding when we first encounter some new people. He didn't do that until a few months ago and it's been interesting.
Sweet boy is going through a pushing phase and that has been hard. We have figured out, for the most part, how to keep it from happening or how to end it quickly. But sometimes, it still happens. I'm grateful for grace because we are certainly learning!


Friends: Mason's best best best bud is Anna. She is one month younger than him and they have a blast together! He also enjoys being around a few other friends including Savannah, Riley (who just moved to CA ;().

Cars and racing them
playing outside
park playtime
storytime at the Westside library

having his ears cleaned (thinking he has super sensitivity in his ears.)
being too tired (he gets cranky!)
having to come inside

Mom: Some days Mason is my best bud and other days, he definitely prefers Matt. I just enjoyed each way because I'm so proud of him for making choices. We are grocery store buddies and Maddox's nap time buddies. We love to read together, too!

Daddy: Mason and Matt are playtime buds! They play chase, cars, trains, outside, etc. They make up games that I will never be able to understand. They LOVE being together. Matt is the less-strict parent. :)

Maddox: Mason LOVES Maddox! They now share a room and Mason loves having his brother in the same room with him. They have now begun to play some together. Mason can make his little brother laugh like crazy!!!

Mason has completed a speech evaluation and we are awaiting the full results of that.
Mason says a lot of funny things and I've been documenting those in separate posts. My favorite right now is "that's very very very hot". haha!


A few more:

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