Tuesday, November 8, 2016

Maddox {5 Months} {An Update}

Whoa! This guy's five month "birthday" flew up on us and I just wasn't prepared. While it's not what I want to do, it just isn't feasible for me to post a full big update on our sweet boy right now. 

Here are some highlights of Maddox's fifth month of life! Maddox and Mason started sharing a room on October 7th and it's gone really well. They are sleeping all night in the same room. During afternoon nap, Maddox moves to our room. This is just because his naps still aren't super consistent and I don't want him to wake up Mason. Eventually they will be in the room for all sleeps. :) When Maddox doesn't sleep in their room, Mason said "Ma-mix sleep in my room?!?!"

Maddox had his first road trip and overnight stay this month. We drove to Nashville for Matt's brother's wedding. Maddox did great in the hotel but he wasn't a huge fan of long trips in the car. He slept off and on but when he wasn't sleeping, he was pretty fussy. That was a bummer because I leave today for a trip to Louisiana with the boys and I'm praying he does well. 

Maddox LOVES the Ergo carrier when I'm carrying him. For some reason, he doesn't enjoy when Matt carries him in the Ergo. He does like Matt carrying him in the Baby Bjorn so that works, too. 

Maddox still LOVES his jumper. He has had a few occasions of staying in there for a WHILE and he just jumps and smiles while we do chores and peek at him every now and then. He also loves laying on the floor rolling and starting to scoot. He likes his Bumbo seat, too. 

Maddox enjoys baths just like Mason does. Sometimes they will bathe for 45 minutes. They splash and have a ball. I know it will be even more fun when Maddox can sit up. 

His favorite toy is a mermaid. It's seen in some of the pictures below. He will choose that one 9/10 times when given an option. 

Sweet boy loves being outside which is great for this time of year. We are enjoying plenty of time outside. 

I asked Matt to take a few pictures of Maddox and Mason wanted to be involved AND right before he took them, Maddox somehow scratched his face. But like I said...it's life!


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