Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Mason Say & Does {12}


 We were driving down the road and saw some cows. I asked Mason, "If we had a cow, what would you name it?" "MOM!!!" 

I took Mason to the QT and he pointed to a microwave and said "Ma, What's dis?" (We don't have a microwave at our house so I'm not sure if he's actually ever seen one or at the least, paid attention to it.

Matt was washing bottles and Mason came running to the kitchen after hearing the water and said, "Dad, my bowl, too." Such a helper. 

Matt told Mason one night at dinner that he needed to each a little more of his vegetables. So, he takes the smallest bites he can and says, "I ate a little vegetables." 

He pointed at a Christmas card on our wall and named everyone in the family, "Kris, Anna, Paul and Emily." To my knowledge, he has seen Paul one time in his life. That shocked me! Little sponge, that one! 

We saw a bird flying and Mason said "Go to nest?" and I said that maybe the bird was going to its nest. Mason said, "Uh huh. To nest with babies." 

Matt and Mason had quesadillas one day while I was working and I asked him to save me some. I get home and Mason has placed a quarter size piece on a plate on the table in my spot. I almost died from laughter!!

One morning, Mason wakes up and points to where his recent boo boo was. I told him we had forgotten to put a band-aid on it. And he started fussing and said, "No ma. boo boo not dere." I told him it was healed and that was great. "No, ma! I yike dat boo boo." 

Just one random moment while I was getting dressed. "I have nuda (nothing) to do, Ma." 

"Nuggle me, Ma." You know I stopped right then and snuggled that boy! 

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