Saturday, November 5, 2016

Nashville + B & A's Wedding

This past weekend, we made the trek the Nashville for Ben and Anne's wedding. Ben is Matt's only brother. We got a start early Thursday morning and it was a dreary day.

These pictures can't possibly do the colors justice. It was a perfect time to drive through the mountains. The leaves were incredible!

The landmark we nearly always take a picture of, the gigantic cigarette. ;-)

We made our first stop in Knoxville and we went to Maker's Donuts. We ordered ahead of time and Matt just ran in to pick them up.

After the pick-up, he fed Maddox while I pumped and then we headed for lunch. Maddox was obviously happy about life!

Mmmm, donut!

Lunch break!

After lunch, we found another donut place. I know, it's crazy! We each had one and then got back on the road. (The donuts from Maker's donuts were for the weekend since we were in a hotel and wanted easy breakfasts.)

Maddox practiced holding his bottle on the drive, too.

Happy love!

Oh, and serious Love!

Mason was PROUD of his cup!

We made it!!! We arrived to our hotel in Nashville around 3:15. We looked like we were moving in to the place!

We had a cool view of the interstate and Mason LOVED that!

Maddox enjoyed some floor time and found the PERFECT place to hide!

Mason figured out that hotel life really quickly.

After a we got everything settled, we headed to dinner. We picked Waffle House and while we ate, Maddox slept.

Mason is now gainfully employed by Waffle House.

Matt's parents, aunts and grandmother's hotel was across from Waffle House so we went to say 'Hello'. 
Matt's parents gave Mason his birthday present as well. 

Maddox with Aunt Cathy.

Maddox with Aunt Alice.

Mason and Aunt Cathy.

Mason and Aunt Alice.

Mason got a little stir crazy so we headed back to our hotel to enjoy the indoor pool!

Well, Matt and Mason swam and Maddox and I chilled.

After the boys were in bed, I headed to the airport to pick up my Mom. She joined us for the weekend to help me with the boys since Matt was in the wedding. It was also a cheaper flight for her than flying into Spartanburg/Greenville so it worked out great overall. 

Friday morning brought the bachelor party for all of the guys. They went to the Pfunky Griddle (you can make your own pancakes) and then to The Escape Rom.


While they bachelor-partied, the boys, Mom and I hung out at the hotel. Mason and I swam some, too.

Matt had commitments for the rest of the day helping with wedding set-up and rehearsal.

Mid-afternoon, the boys and I got dressed to head to the rehearsal dinner.

Maddox was obviously feeling it.

We ready!

It was a fun little set up in the church's cafe.

The next morning was fairly low key. Matt didn't have to be at the church until noon. He and Mason went swimming and then we all just hung out.

The boys took naps and then we all got wedding ready. I wanted a good picture but Mason was NOT feeling that at all! Maddox was a little uncertain as well.

Mason dropped out all together so I stuck with Maddox.




I know. I'm crazy. 

We headed to the wedding. My mom kept the boys in ones of the children's rooms at the church while I attended the wedding. 

Ben looked sharp and Anne was beautiful as well!! 

After the wedding was over, there was a bit of a wait for pictures so we used SnapChat filters. :)



We got pictures done and I took Maddox and my Mom back to the hotel. Mason and I headed to the reception. Mason was out wayyyyy past his bedtime so we had a few moments of insanity but we all survived and had a fun!

His serious dancing face.


While Matt finished up, Mason and I got in the car and chilled. He finally fell asleep!

Sunday morning came EARLY for all of us but we got our stuff packed and headed out nonetheless!

Car shenanigans took place. Some were crazy and some were very un-fun but we survived. ha!



We had a good weekend overall and the biggest bonus aside from seeing so much family (which was fun!) was that both boys slept like angels in the hotel. YAY!!

See ya later, Nashville! 


  1. First of all, a happy belated birthday to Mason!! He is so grown up now, and I just cannot get over it! Secondly, I WANT TO GO TO THAT PANCAKE PLACE!!! It sounds so fun!!!! You rocked wedding life on the road with two kids. You're a star!

    1. I know right? I was a little jealous that I didn't get to try the pancake restaurant!!!
      And thank you for your kind words. It was a challenge, as all travel with kids can be, but we did it!!