Tuesday, November 22, 2016

The Morgan's Movements {Early November 2016}

After we celebrated Mason's birthday and before we went to Louisiana, we had a full week at home with GiGi visiting us. :) 
She gave Mason lots of attention (and Maddox, too!) including back scratches.

Maddox was a fan of Mason's birthday toy.

Toward the end of each night, Maddox gets a little cranky and he likes to lay on his belly and just have a moment. He loves his thumb then, too.

One night we made hot chocolate and added Sugar Cookie creamer. It's my favorite way to make richer hot chocolate. yum!

The Morgans and GiGi all had to be on the couch one day per Mason's request.

Snacks in your underwear...Mason's life. :)

Oh good golly.

While GiGi was visiting, we got a date night! We headed to a place we had not been before, Sugar and Spice. It was incredible!

Mason had his 3 year well check up. He was styling in his fire helmet.


Bahaha! Not quite what those are used for, Mason!

After Mason's appointment, our sweet friends treated Mason to the trampoline park for his birthday. We enjoyed a fun morning there!





Crack the egg or pop the popcorn...not sure which!



After all of that jumping, we were worn out!! Mason slept like a baby. And then Matt and I headed to vote. We had planned to bring Mason with us and I'm so glad we didn't. We were in line for over an hour. It was worth it though.

Mason got some chili one night for dinner. Pretty sure he liked it.

I got ALL of the snuggles!

Mason was watching his show and GiGi was reading her news. They were both happy!

And GiGi got some Maddox snuggles, too. Yeah, he's holding his own bottle!

Friends came over for dinner and Matt made a big leaf pile. It was a GOOD plan!


Some sort of special plane was at the Regional Airport and Matt took Mason to see it. Two happy guys that morning. Mason has asked nearly everyday to go back to see it!



Sweet sleeping boy...

Sweet jumper...

Before we left for Louisiana, we decorated the house for Christmas. Mason decorated his and Maddox's tree well. Several branches have 3 plus ornaments. haha!


Happy Maddox Man!

Daddy was getting all of the good snuggles in with his boys since he'd be home alone for a week!

Sweet boys playing...

GiGi snuggs...

Oh and apparently Maddox enjoys the television, too! Ah! Glad we aren't watching many shows these days.

GiGi's sweet singing helped soothe Maddox during his least favorite time of the day. Go GiGi!

Next up: Louisiana Trip! 

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