Wednesday, August 22, 2018

Brunch Date

When GiGi visits, we always try to get in as many dates as we can. It helps that this visit is around my birthday so we are taking full advantage! (We budget/set aside money for birthdays at the beginning of the year and I'm soooo glad we do because with the year and bills we've had, I am so thankful we can still spend some time out!) 

Soby's in Greenville was our first stop. A Sunday morning brunch date. Love him. 

Y'ALL!!! It was so good. Everything tasted incredible but we both agreed that the shrimp and grits was the best dish. Food pictures from Matt and me. Not all me. 😉



Still smiling and soooo full! 

We stopped in the bookstore and these made me laugh so hard! 

It was a great morning date! 

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