Friday, August 31, 2018

Maddox Says & Does {12}

"Berry Berry Cold!"

"Berry Berry gentle"

While changing his diaper one day, he yells "poo poo stinks!" yep, sure does, Bud. 

Currently loving the song "Johnny B Goode"

While in a public restroom recently, Maddox reached down, rubbed his finger on the floor and licked it before I could stop him. 😳😳😳

At LEGO block party, Maddox put a LEGO man in timeout. I asked why and he said the man hit. I told him to tell him to be kind. He turns and says "Be Kind. Be Kind." 😍

Mason showed his coloring sheet to Maddox and Maddox said, "Awesome!"

We were listening to some songs from her church and Maddox was yelling "Ecclesiastes!"

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