Wednesday, August 1, 2018

The Morgan's Movements 2018 {Week 30}

Last week was a fun and full week. Monday morning was a cool breezy one so we headed to North Spartanburg Park and some friends met us. We were there for nearly 2 hours! 

Toward the end, Maddox started playing with some big kids and he was having an absolute blast! 

Monday afternoon was LEGO block party at the library. Both of the boys played for the longest time! 

Tuesday morning, we had a MOPS steering team meeting. Beforehand, we read some books. The boys were quite comfy until Maddox leaned back and fell out. Ouch! 

Yeah, this is what they do with Matt. 

Comparison pic. Love it. 

Tuesday evening, we headed to the grocery store. Well, the guys ditched me and went to the pet store! 
On our way out, we saw this! 😍

Wednesday morning, we went to Chick-Fil-A for story time. It was shark week so they read Gilbert the Great and they gave away a book and a stuffed shark. 

Drum roll! 

That afternoon we got a package in the mail and it included packing peanuts. I soon regretted this decision. 😑 Honestly, they had the best time though so I tried to let it be. I halfway succeeded, I think. 


The package was from Pioneer Woman customer service. I recently ended up with two broken measuring spoons after very little use and I e-mailed to see if I could get replacements. 
They e-mailed back saying they would replace. When the package came, I cried. All of this was included! Incredible customer service that went above and beyond. 


Books and coffee? 

Robes after bath time. Cutie pies. 


Train time! A favorite for all three boys. 

Silly boy. 

Guy time for these two. A bit of shark week which turned into shark related cartoons. :) 

Rice and Beans! I started a book the night before and I couldn't stop reading so when they asked to do this, I agreed and watched from the couch while I kept reading. 😂

Well, his alarm didn't go off to get up from quiet rest time so he could have play time in his room so when I went in, I found this. 

End of Summer reading party! 



After the party, Matt mowed and the boys helped again. :) Mason helped, too, but I didn't get any pictures! 



Laying on the floor taking pictures of themselves. 😂😂😂

We met some friends Friday morning at the splash pad and the park and we had the best time! 2 hours of fun in the sun! 



Friday evening, Matt took the boys to the library and Mason jumped from this spot off of the slide! So brave. I can't take it. 

Saturday was busy and I'll share it in another post. 

The boys were straight relaxing Sunday afternoon. 

Reading people People magazine. 😂

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