Monday, August 20, 2018

The Morgan's Movements {Week 33}

School days! 
Maddox was doctoring some animals while Mason and I did some work together. 

We went to LEGO block party at the library and Mason was hard at work! 

Maddox, too. 

Two brothers playing together. 😍

Two years ago, one year ago and this year. This day should be "Messy Maddox hair day" 

He's a cool kid. Cool kid. 

Love them. 

Oh the sweetness. 

Chick Fil A storytime! It was NUTS! 


Two worn out boys! 

We had a whole morning with our friends and we had the best time! 

Oh, group pictures with four children is so easy! 


Sister, Sister. 

Games with Friends. Slightly competitive. :) 

Matt mowed and you know that means the boys mowed. A friend said she wants to know in 15 years if they are still interested. 😂





Dirt in the neck. A hard played day! 

I took the boys to the children's museum Friday morning and we had a blast! 






Mason liked both of these pictures with he and his buddy. 😍

Storytime with our older boy before bed. 

Sometimes, I take pictures while they sleep. 

A selfie for GiGi before she flew out! 

Saturday chill time. 


GiGi's plane! She was on her way! 

While we relaxed, Matt hiked. 😳

Beautiful scenery. 

LEGO Ninjago with the crew. They didn't invite me. 😉

Storytime with GiGi. I hope the first of many over the next two weeks! 

Silly billies. 

Rice and beans! 

GiGi was with the boys while Matt and I had a brunch date. They clearly wore her out. 😂

Bath time! This was so sweet and then it ended with Mason yelling and crying because "I want a bath without water." 😑😑😑

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