Saturday, April 19, 2014

An Amazing Blessing {FREE Pack And Play}

Sometimes when you least expect it, God shows up and provides an extra special tremendous blessing to you! Sometimes when those awesomely unexpected blessings some along, we don't even recognize them or acknowledge them! This post is an acknowledgement of an awesome blessing we were given recently.

When Matt and I registered for gifts before Mason was born, we decided we wouldn't register for a Pack and Play because we had plans to put Mason in his crib from the beginning. We live in a small duplex and there just wasn't a ton of room for one. After Mason was about 3+ months old, we realized it might be a good investment to have one for traveling this summer, etc and for future Morgan babies. 

I wrote a quick post on Facebook that I was looking for one to purchase second-hand if anyone had one they wanted to sell. A few people said they would check at home, etc. Matt's grandmother in PA e-mailed and said she would look at an upcoming yard sale to see if she could find one but we asked her to wait since she wouldn't be able to know if the one she purchased was a recalled one. 

Several days after my original post, I received a message on Facebook from one of Matt's cousins. I won't say names here because I didn't ask permission to disclose that. In her message, she said she had a Pack and Play that she had used but it had been recalled. She had never called to get a new one after the recall. She was certain she could still do that and she asked if I would be interested in it if she could. UMMMM...heck yes! Seriously, I was blown away. Not only were were going to get a Pack and Play BUT we were going to get a new one. And not only were we going to get a new one but we were going to get a FREE new one! AH!

It came in the mail last week and we are in love. Is it possible to be in love with a Pack and Play? ;-)

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  1. That's awesome! God is good! We love our pack and play, it is awesome for travel!