Thursday, April 3, 2014

Mason sees his Grammy and PopPop {March 2014}

After we saw Matt's parents in January, we scheduled another visit for March. It worked out to be right before Matt's birthday and also when Mr. Rob was remodeling the kitchen so we got to celebrate Matt's birthday and Matt got to help his Dad work on the kitchen. 

We arrived Friday evening and had a quick dinner before heading to their house. Saturday morning, Matt and his Dad worked on the kitchen while Mrs. Claire, Mason and I went to the Farmer's Market. Saturday evening, we went to dinner at Jim N Nicks, took pictures at Shakespeare and then had Nancy's Italian Ice. 
Sunday we headed to church and lunch at Newk's and then just hung out at home. Monday, Matt and I went to see some friends (another post coming on that) and had dinner with Matt's parents at their house. After Mason laid down, we watched a little TV and then got to bed at a decent time so we could leave Tuesday morning early. It was a good visit and we will see them again in June. 

Here are a couple of the pictures Matt got of his parents at Shakespeare. A little Mason thrown in there too. 

Mason helped with the kitchen work as well. 

Mason showing of his onesies that say "I Love my Grammy" and "I Love my PopPop" 

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