Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Someone got to...


On April 4th after trying to wait as long as possible, we got this baby boy some food! We had decided before Mason was born that we wanted to try to wait until 6 months if possible to give him food. Until about a week ago, we really thought that was possible. Then, this little guy started fussing when he would see us eating, staring us down when we took a bite, and opening his mouth every time we did. We decided to go ahead and start. He is able to hold his head up and sit upright in his booster seat so we didn't see a problem with it. We introduced oatmeal first and will plan to stick with this for a couple of weeks (from April 4th) and then go from there.

These pictures are from my iPhone because I wanted a few pictures of Matt feeding him, too. 

And a little video...

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