Monday, April 14, 2014

Random Photos of Late {Some Repeats}

I was looking through the computer and found many random pictures that I hadn't shared (and maybe some that I have) and thought I'd just make a big ole picture post! 

Mason loves Curious George. 

Matt and Mason were FaceTiming with The Canters.

Someone can fit his whole fist in his mouth like his Auntie Jill.

This guy LOVES bathtub. He has taken 30-45 minute baths!

Resulting in a fully shriveled foot...

This kid is a TROOPER in the car!

Hangtime with Dad!

And then Mommy!

Eyeballin' Momma's pasta!

5 months old! Wearing shorts for the first time! And yes, I did take PLENTY pictures.

Drinking a sip of water from a cup; he is READY for a sippy cup!

Fell asleep eating in the car; There's a reason I have only done this once!

Enjoying being outside.

Love this guy.

Trying out his sunhats

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