Friday, April 18, 2014

Mason: Week 24 {Photos}

**Side note: I do not refer to him at 24 weeks old etc. He is simply 5 1/2 months, etc. I just keep these as Week 23, Week 24, and so on, so that It's done weekly. **

Day 162: This kid loves his Grandmom

Day 163: Mostly naked and happy as can be! 

Day 164: A little afternoon walk; we wanted to stay longer but oh, the pollen! 

Day 165: Mom's Monday morning cleaning buddy! 

Day 165: A little light reading :)

Day 166: Hey Cutie! 

 Day 167: Trying to sit up like a big boy! 

Day 168: Applesauce for the first time! He actually liked it! 

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