Monday, April 7, 2014

Mason: Month 5 + {Photos}

As of April 1st, there is a 5 month old baby boy living in our house!! 
**Someone was not interested in pictures.**

Weight: We weighed him while in Montgomery on March 23rd and he weighed 17 pounds, 13 ounces. He is growing so quickly!!

Height: not sure on this because he doesn't have another appointment until May 1st. My best guess is 25 1/2 to 26 inches.

Nicknames: Wild Bill, Mason Man, Masonator (by his PopPop), Mason Moo Moo, Chubba Wubba, Chunka Munka,

Eating: Mason is eating four times each day, 7:00a, 11:00a, 3:00p, and 7:00p; His last feeding time has varied some lately because he has been super sleepy earlier than 7:00p. When that happens, we just feed him and lay him down early. This month will be our month to start food. I've been doing a great amount of reading and research and we are deciding what we will do!

My milk supply is almost completely gone so Mason is almost exclusively on all formula which he tolerates well. His bottles vary from 6-10 ounces depending on the time of day.

Sleeping: Mason is still an excellent sleeper! He goes to sleep between 6:30 and 7:00 each night and we get him up at 7:00 each morning to eat. For naps, he sleeps 9:00-11:00 each morning and 1:00-3:00 each afternoon. Some evenings he takes a little cat nap around 5 but this is variable because some evenings, he just doesn't need it. We've also discovered this month that if Mason misses his morning nap (or part of it), he is usually still a happy guy but he gets extra sleepy in the afternoon. On those days, we just lay him down early for his afternoon nap. For example, when we went to church Sunday he missed about 1 hour of his morning nap but he was super sleepy at 12:00 so he took a 3 hour afternoon nap. It works for us but we much prefer the 2-2 hour naps!

Diapers: Mason is wearing size 3 disposable diapers. When we are at home, he is exclusively wearing cloth diapers which he does great in and love them, too!

Clothes: MMM is wearing almost all 6 month and 6-9 month clothes. A few items are still 3-6 month but those are few and far between now. With the cloth diapers, the 6 month pants are even getting snug so we may move to some 9 month pants/shorts before too long.

Social: Lots and lots of laughs! Mason is also starting to turn his head around when he is in his bouncer to look at whoever is behind him. Smiling at new people when they talk to him. And this kid is making lots of new sounds and this SLP Momma loves it!!

New/Fun Things this Month: Mason began grabbing for items (and getting them). He is especially doing this with objects on his playmat. He learned how to detach the mirror and is now a pro at this!

Mason has been trying so hard to flip from his back to his belly. He has gotten so close several times and just hasn't quite made it over. It's coming soon, I'm sure!

Mason wasn't really using his pacifier much so we decided we would start to wean him. This is a work in progress since we haven't had the time to just go cold turkey with it. He's doing well but in the process of trying to wean, he has found his thumb and decided he wanted to chew/suck it. I've worked hard to keep it out of his mouth and at the end of this month, he wasn't really doing it anymore. I would personally rather him have a pacifier which I can take away than his thumb which is attached. :)

Also this month, Mason really began finding his feet. I think he'd been trying for a while but his little belly and the cloth diaper get in his way. HAHA! By the end of the month, he was playing with them more and almost doing crunches to get to them. So cute!

One of the cutest things this month has been Mason rubbing his eyes when he is sleepy. It's nice that he can give an additional cue that he's sleepy besides just crying. Not to mention, it's precious!

Mason is also pushing to stand up now when we hold his hands. Boy, is he strong!!

When Mason was about 2.5 months old, we went to church with him for the first time and we kept him with us. That was hard and we just weren't quite ready for him to go to the nursery (for several reasons) but this month, he went for the first time. He did great! It will take some adjusting because the services we will most likely attend are smack dab in the middle of his sleep time but I think he will do even better once he gets used to it. 

We took a trip to Montgomery this month and Mason got to spend time with his Grammy and PopPop. It's a bit of a tough trip because of the time zone change but aside from a few fussies each day, he really did well! Mason also got to see his Great Great Aunts Freda and Faye. He met some of Mom and Dad's friends, Keva, Laura, Alecia, Laura, Robyn and all of Mom's old co-workers in Prattville and he met one of my former patients, Mr. Law.

Likes: MMM loves his Jumperoo. He will spend up to 30 minutes in it at a time but most days, I keep it to 15 minutes at a time. He is also still enjoying bath time. Several times this month, we've let him stay in the tub for 30+ minutes at a time just playing and splashing.

Dislikes: Having to stay awake when he is tired. This only happens every now and then when we are out and it's bed time or when we are doing something at home and can't quite get him to sleep in time.
Having to wait for his bottle. Don't get between this boy and his food!

Mommy: I went to 2 consignment sales this month! I spent about $50-$60 and got Mason most, if not all, of his summer clothes. I got some great deals. I also got him several books for a total of $5.

Daddy: Daddy and Mason LOVE spending time together. They are having even more fun now that Mason is more vocal and laughing all of the time. Matt can get him to laugh like no one else. We celebrated Matt's 28th birthday this month too. Mason gave Matt his first birthday card from his son. A special moment for sure!

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