Friday, June 26, 2015

Father's Day {2015}

Father's Day 2015 was pretty low key because Matt had to work. On Saturday night, Mason gave Matt a couple of gifts. Mason gave him a baseball trivia book and a pair of lounge shorts. On Sunday morning, Mason gave him a little drawing he made him and Matt loved it. 

For breakfast, we had donuts for the man of the day and we got ready for church. Matt, unfortunately, had to work at 10:00 so he only got to be at church for 30 minutes. It was a bummer BUT it was our last Sunday for Matt to have to work during church because he starts a new schedule and a new position. YAY! And after this weekend, it's his last weekend to work so we are looking forward to weekends together as a family. 

Anyway, back to Father's Day. I tried to snap a few pictures before church. We cracked up at this because this is real fatherhood: wiping Mason's nose before a picture. HAH!

Look at the adoration on our little guy's face for his Daddy! 

Sweet smiles! 

At church, they had some manly cars displayed and Mason loved that! 

Momma was there, too! 

We tried to get a picture all together as a family and the positive thing is that we are all three in the picture. Other than that, well, they speak for themselves. haha! 

Look at that cheesin' albeit blurry grin. 

At Matt's lunch break, he and Mason played superheroes with our "new" pillow case capes!

Matt headed back into work and Mason and I headed outside to play in his new sandbox. We only lasted 45 minutes in the shade because it was so hot! 

He needed to take his clothes off to cool down. Boys...

And then, we had some fun! 

We sure love Matt and are so glad he's the Dad in this house! 

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