Monday, June 1, 2015

Kika The Upside-Down Girl by Jessica Tudos {A Book Review}

I love love love this book, Kika the Upside-Down Girl written by Jessica Tudos, a former Olympic gymnast. 

Kika is a girl who has always done things differently from those around her. She does them upside down and that gets her into trouble. Kika is always trying to find others to join her on her journeys and adventures. One day, she finds a place where she fits in perfectly. 

I love this story because it reminds us that we don't all have to be the same. Differences are good. Differences make the world go around. 

My 19 month old son loves this book, too, and I know he will enjoy it more as he grows older and understands the story more and more.  

Thanks, Jessica! 


  1. Thanks for the fliptastic review Leslie! I am glad your son likes it too. Kids of all ages seem to really like the fun new words Kika introduced - they are simply somersaultilicious! I agree, differences do make the world go around. I hope Kika's handstanding message inspires kids to be all that they can be, no matter what direction they choose!

    1. You can follow Kika’s adventures at on twitter @JessicaTudos and at