Wednesday, June 17, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Early June 2015}

What kind of miscellaneous fun did the beginning of June bring for us?!

Mason enjoyed some play time at the kitchen sink. This is a great activity when we don't want to be out in the super hot temps. 

Look at that arm on my shoulder!!! 

I also hired some help for the chores. 

Apparently sweeping wears you out. ;-)

We made our way back to storytime and Mason loved it. 

Oh my morning, we found Mason on the top of his crib so that meant the mattress got lowered once again. Mason actually doesn't seem to want to climb out. He just wants to climb. Mason helped his daddy to fix it. 

Snuggles with a sweet sweet boy! 

Sleepy face with Dad! 

More storytime! 

Cool kid. 

Silly kid! 

Ice cream at Jason's deli sure made this kid happy! 

Still loves when the stroller is inside the house. 

We went to pick up Mason from his crib one morning and he was dressed like this. It was cracking Matt and I up! Good way to start the morning. 

More fun with Daddy while Mom worked. 
Sharing snack. 

Bathtime fun. 

Fun with cars. 

And that obviously wore our boy out! 

We had a good start to the month. Love time with my sweet guys! 

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