Thursday, June 4, 2015

Videos {May 2015}

I love the fact that iPhones have video capability. I have so many videos that I cherish! Here's what happened this month!

Mason has been loving being outside. He loves his water table and pool. He also loves pouring ice cold water on his momma! As evidenced here! :)

My mom gave Mason this stuffed animal for Valentine's Day and he's just recently started to love it. As soon as the music comes on, he's dancing!

Dancin' it out!!

Fun with Daddy!

Swim Lessons; he's fussing a little bit but he enjoys the water 99% of the time.

Tickle Time! And he is signing and saying "more" not "no".

"What Does the Dog Say?"

The First Frosty parts 1 & 2

Reading "Itsy Bitsy Spider" with Daddy

Mason loves this one picture of us that I keep on the dividing wall between the living room and dining room. He was asking for it one day and I couldn't get there quickly enough so he scooted the ottoman over and got it himself. I missed getting that on video but after he was finished with the picture, he attempted to put it back. That I caught on video. 

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