Tuesday, June 2, 2015

The Morgan's Movements {Late May 2015}

We have enjoyed the last bit of May and we are looking forward to what June holds! 

Mason and I love to walk around Target. There's lots to see and it's just a good indoor activity when we need to kill some time. On this particular day, Mason found a LARGE ball and he carried it around while we browsed. 

We spent some fun time outside, too! Mason was ready to go!

My little lefty at the library. 

Snuggles with my sweet boy are ALWAYS a highlight!

We had a family date to Wade's for dinner. We were very happy about that!

Mason got his first free cookie from Publix.

And I found these!!

We watched a little soccer after swimming one day. And I had to work hard to keep Mason on this side of the fence. :)

We FaceTimed with PawPaw.

We made pillow forts.

More outside time. I love this boy so much. I took this picture right after he sat down and patted the seat next to him for me to come sit by him. 

Snazzy boy dressed for church

Touching a fire truck at church.

What? It isn't normal to just wear shoes and a diaper??


A little light reading. I love how much this sweet boy loves to read.

Comfy, Mason? 

Reading with Daddy...his favorite!

And more reading. :)

Mason had a doctor's appointment and afterwards, we went to Golden Corral for a family lunch. Mason had his first chicken leg! 

Our little garden is doing well. The first thing we harvested was sugar snaps! We had so many and we enjoyed them so much! 

See? Loves to read. ;)

Look closely...that's a sweet sleeping boy! 

Fun at the library with Daddy while Mom worked. 


This is what I get when I say to Mason "Say Cheese"

Since Mason has been fighting some allergies/whatever, we have spent a little more time than normal inside. We filled up the sink with water and let Mason play and he loved it!!! 

And I had to share this. We made fajitas with ground pork, caramelized onions, roasted corn and black beans. SOOOO GOOD!! 

It was Mason's first fajita!

Family Snuggles were how we ended this month and it was just the best!! 

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