Tuesday, June 16, 2015

Montgomery Trip {June 2015}

For the first weekend in June, we headed to Montgomery to visit Matt's parents. Mason did a little reading on the way. :)

It was National Donut Day so we had to stop at our favorite donut place for our favorite donuts. Mason had his first one! 

And that wore him out! 

Saturday morning, we woke up and Mason needed to have a little relaxation in front of the TV before we really got going. 

We headed to the Curb Market and got some good stuff! Matt and I got homemade pork rinds, a yummy peanut butter chocolate dessert, peaches and Mason scored a free slice of cake. Probably because he was looking so fly! 

Mason helped PopPop cut the watermelon. Well, he ate more than he helped. :)

Then, it was time for playing outside. Matt's parents made this Kid Wash last summer and Mason enjoyed running through it. 

He helped pick blueberries from the garden, too. 

We didn't last too long outside before it was time for lunch and nap and then some inside playtime. Mason loved the blocks! 

Matt got tickets for his parents and himself to go to a Biscuits games as their Mother's Day and Father's Day gifts so they headed out for that Saturday night. Mason and I stayed behind because his bedtime was before the game started. Before bed, I enjoyed some snuggles with my sweet boy! 

Since Mason was going to be in bed and the game wouldn't end until 9:30ish, I asked my sweet friend Keva to come over. She got a sweet visit with Mason before he ran off to bed. 

She and I visited for 3 hours and then I head off to bed myself. 

Sunday morning brought a super happy boy who decided to show off his belly. haha! 

Sweet boy had to pull all of the toys out before church. 

We enjoyed church and lunch at Red Robin. Mason took a nap and then he was ready for some watermelon! 

Swim time! 

Matt's parents gave Mason this super cool mower that blows bubbles and he had a blast with it! 

Sunday night we hung out and played a game of Farkle before bed. Monday morning, we headed out early and got back in time for naps at home. Sweet boy took a little rest in the car, too. 

We had a nice visit! 

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