Monday, June 29, 2015

Open Letters {1}

I used to love, love, love writing my open letters posts so I'm bringing it back! 

Dear Matthew, Thank you for always being the car seat putter inner and taker outer. It is awesome! 

Dear Air Conditioning, Thank you for existing because it is freakin' hot! 

Dear Review Campaigns, You rock! I'm looking forward to the fun products that are coming our way!

Dear MOMS Club, You are awesome! I've made some awesome friends and so has Mason. Also, the blessings shared between the moms are just so cool!

Dear GiGi, you will be here in 17 days!!

Dear Louisiana, I will see you in 28 days! WOOOO!!!

Dear Mason, I'm so sorry that your arm got stuck in between the slats of your crib the other morning and that I didn't realize it. Thank you for being an awesome kid!

That's all for today! More to come!


  1. I don't even HAVE kids and I have a healthy fear of the putting in and taking out where the car seat is concerned. Way to go, Matt!! And as for the air conditioning - God knew what He was doing when he put both of us in this time in history it seems. I can't function without it either!!

    1. Yes, your fear is for good reason. Haha!
      Praise God for AC.