Monday, November 2, 2015

2 Years Old!!!! {An Update}

Mason is TWO!!!! 

Weight: 33.5 pounds (95%)

Height: 35.5 inches (80%)
**If the saying is true and he will be double his height at 2 once he is full grown, he will be 5 foot, 11 inches. We shall see.

Nicknames: Mase, Mase Mase, Bud, Mason Man, Buddy Bud, Dude Dude, Stinker

Eating: Mason is a fairly good eater. He definitely has his favorite foods at this point. He loves any and all fruit and if it is on his plate, he will eat it first. He likes most vegetables but he loves beans the most--green beans, black beans, red beans, you name it. If it's a bean, he wants it. He still isn't a big fan of meat but he will eat it from time to time. Since he misses the protein from meat, we are glad he eats beans so well. Also, this kid loves pizza! 

Sleeping: Our sweet boy still sleeps well! He sleeps 7-7 each night. There are some nights were he is in his room at 7 and talking to his buddies, etc until 7:45ish but he falls to sleep on his own and sleeps all night. He wakes between 6:15 and 7:00 but we always have him up by 7 and ready for the day. He naps 1-3 each day and is still a great diaper! 

Diapers: About 3-4 months ago we had to drop our cloth diapers. Mason has just grown so much that they don't fit him well anymore. It was a sad day but we made it nearly 2 years so we are glad about that! He wears a size 6 LUVS or Target diaper during the day and now he is wearing a size 6 Huggies night time diapers at night. All I can say is, it's a good thing I've been working extra because those Huggies aren't cheap! Haha!

Mason does show some interest pottying but not consistently. We just keep a positive attitude and follow his lead.

Clothes: Mason is wearing 3T clothes pretty much in everything and he can wear a few 4T shirts. I only tried 4T because we were given some shirts for certain holidays and I figured we might as well see if they worked. He wears 3T PJs. He now wears a size 7 shoe. 

Social: Mason loves people, especially elderly people. Our neighbors, Mr. Dean and Miss Phoebe, are friends and they go to dinner together etc. Mason loves to see "Nean" drive up and loves to say hi to Miss "BeeBee". 

--stealing seats, blankets, water bottles...he loves to be called a "bottle snatcher" etc. It's one of his favorite "games" to play, for sure.
--LOVES bathtime
--brushing his teeth and washing his hands
--Curious George and Wild Kratts
--being outside
--playdates, especially one on one playdates
--throwing balls, stacking blocks, pretend play

--being told no
--when bathtime is over
--last minute changes; he gets that from me

We have been having so much fun! Some days are full and some are empty and we like it all. We love dates to Target, the library, Barnes & Noble, etc.
We like to read books together, color, paint, and play with playdough.
We love giving kisses, too! 

Oh boy! The bond these two have is awesome. They love to wrestle and play "boo" and drive around the back yard in Matt's truck.
They love snuggling up and watching a show before Mason's bed time.
They like having dates from time to time when I have to work, too.

--Mason has a TON of words but I've been a little concerned about his articulation. I will talk to the doctor about this and plan to follow up with some fellow SLPs to see what they think
--Understands so much and is so smart. He follows one step commands easily and is following some two step commands now as well. He points to nearly anything you name in a book.
--He loves to point things out while we drive especially buses, trucks, dump trucks, machines, etc.
--We watched Curious George's Boofest for the fall season and Mason now loves to jump out and say "boo" and laugh, laugh, laugh
--Uses his Pout pout fish as a pillow
--Is now forward facing in the car
--learning some letters; knows "B" and "O" so far

Here are some pictures of Mason at 2 years old. Matt worked on these one morning on a whim. He got some good ones as you'll see below. However, he wanted some more but we have had rain and then Mason got his big mosquito bite and well, the birthday came and went and these are what we have. :)
**Thank you for gifting us these pjs, Crystal! What a special gift to have!!**

**I also wanted to throw these in from the fall fest we went to a couple of weeks ago.**

Comparison Pictures:

Six Months:

Twelve Months: 

Eighteen Months: 

Twenty-Four Months//Two Years: 

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