Monday, November 16, 2015

Open Letters {13}

Dear People,

Stop reposting the articles about the #RedCup. I haven't actually seen or heard from one person who was offended by the cup. Also, it's been shared 1,000,000 times so I believe that's sufficient.

That is all.

Dear Mason, 

We have only read the book, Do You Have a Hat, about six times and since the first time, you always answer, "No!", every time the question is asked. The other night I heard you in your bed saying "Hat? NO! Hat? No!" Love it. 

Your Momma

Dear Sunshine, 

Oh how I adore you!

Love,  A person who literally feels down in the dumps when it isn't sunny!

Dear Christmas Tree, 

Get Ready, You are about to get put up and decorated. I'm warning you because Mason is going to LOVE you! 

Love, Christmas Lover

Dear Hot Chocolate, 

Thank you for existing! 

Love, Me

Dear Matt, 

I am so proud of you. We decided a while back to just let your photography business just "be". You have done 4 photoshoots in the last month just by word of mouth and with returning clients. You are so talented!

Your proud wife!


  1. I'm the same one about the sun! And I'll be happy to pass his contact info around to clients on my waiting list!