Monday, November 9, 2015

Apple & Eve {VoxBox Review}

This past month, we received the Apple & Eve VoxBox from Influenster. Inside the box were three complimentary #QuenchersAdventures Juice boxes in various flavors as well as one large complimentary container of #PurelyOrganics Apple juice. 

While all three of us Morgans love juice, we don't purchase it often in an effort to drink more water and to reduce grocery costs. That being said, this box was a HUGE hit at our house! 

I made the mistake of telling Mason we had a treat delivered while he was eating his lunch. He quickly pushed his plate away and asked please. :) Within seconds, he had downed one of the juice boxes! 

I love that all of the juice boxes were clear juice because that makes for less mess when little ones are drinking them. Yay for less mess! 

We all tried the flavors and agreed they tasted very good. It seems Mason liked the Raspberry-Apple Splash the best. 

We were also about the try out the Natural Style Apple Juice. I loved how fresh this juice tasted and the fact that it had a tiny bit of pulp in it. Mason downed every (half-diluted) glass I gave him and has been asking for "juice" daily ever since! 

We love that these juices are reasonably priced and yummy for our family.

Thanks Influenster and Apple & Eve for the free juices to try out. We have been telling our friends about them for sure!! 

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